Richard Eastman and Eduardo Morales are native Texas Artists and owners of Eastman Gallery in Garwood, TX.  Eastman Gallery is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation that provides FREE After-School Art Classes and Summer Art Classes for Garwood, TX and Eagle Lake, TX Elementary and Middle School Students.  

Eastman Gallery, Inc. also provides a Scholarship to a worthy, senior high school recipient every year from the RISD School District.  EG also provides Monthly Art Classes to Special Needs Adults at the Texana Center in Altair, TX.

Eastman Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery that exhibits Paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry and Garden Art by the following artists:

  • Tina Burris - Painter
  • Richard Eastman - Painter / Potter
  • Barbara Kinlaw - Painter
  • Jane Meldahl - Painter
  • Vanessa Parker - Jeweler

Eastman Gallery is operated by a Board of Directors that include:​

  • Tina Burris, Secretary
  • Richard Eastman, President / Treasurer
  • Barbara Kinlaw
  • Jane Meldahl
  • Eduardo Morales, Vice President
  • Elma Rodriguez​

If you would like to be a volunteer or participate in any of our numerous, charity exhibits, please email us...we would love to have you.  ​
Featured Work

608 Hastedt St.
Garwood, TX 77442